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YOUNGSTOCK FOALS MARES STALLIONS Youngstock - Two-Year-Olds (born 2014)

Tawna Florence

Sire: Tawna Tristan    Dam: Tawna Floribunda

This was Flora's final baby before retiring, and we could not be more pleased. She is so  beautiful and has an extremely placid nature like her mother. ...a bit too pushy at times! Florence was our very first foal by Tristan too so is even more special . . . bound to be a real favourite. Shown seven times as a yearling, winning 3 x 1st, 3 x 2nd & 2 x Res Jun Champs. Currently a calming field companion to a riding horse.  Photo taken Aug 2016.

Tawna Victoria

Sire: Tawna Rubus    Dam: Tawna Merryn

“What a glamour-puss!” commented one judge! The length of our ‘blondie’s’ lovely mane is inherited from her grand-sire - Brandon Fiery Jack. Victoria is a classy, eye-catching, free-moving filly from our wonderful, prolific mare Tawna Merryn. Slow  to develop, Victoria has now blossomed into quite a head-turner - with a touch of her mother’s feisty personality! Photo taken July 2015 (Liskeard Show - Junior Champion and overall Reserve Miniature Champion).

Youngstock - Three-Year-Olds (born 2013)

Tawna Poldark

Sire: Tawna Rubus    Dam: Tawna Charisma

Having no experience of this rare colour, we are fascinated by our ‘mushroom boy’. We had no idea that our breeding contained the mushroom gene! What a surprise when he was born! Poldark is developing much more slowly than his pal Clarius and was  a bit disappointing as a yearling -  but he is looking very promising for a two year old. Shown three times: First prize foal at the N.P.A. Cornwall Youngstock show 2014. First prize and Reserve Miniature Junior Champion at SWSPG Youngstock show 2016. Photo taken Nov 2016.

Tawna Clarius

Sire: Kerswell Nutcracker    Dam: Tawna Clementine

We just love this little boy - so perky and handsome, and we are hoping to bring him on to use as a stallion ourselves. He reminds us a lot of the well-known Tawna Viceroy - not only in colour, but in his carriage and general outlook. His name is taken from one of his famous ancestors: six generations back Clarius was a skewbald stallion born in 1956, and bred by the Late Lady Estella Hope from the South Park (Fairy) Stud.  Nine show outings as a yearling …8 x 1sts and 1 x 2nd + various junior champs and reserves. Photo taken Aug 2017.

Tawna Zelah

Sire: Tawna Rubus    Dam: Tawna Merryn

This is a lovely full sister to Victoria.....how different! Although we don’t think her markings are particularly becoming on her off-side, we do love her sweet nature, exquisite head, tiny ears, nice straight movement, and substance....although she is built more like a mare than a two year old filly! This is a small pony, who has a BIG personality. Her name is pronounced Zee-lah which is a Cornish place name - following several from this family line.  Photo taken Aug 2016.

Youngstock - Yearlings (born 2015)

Tawna Pansy

Sire: Kerswell Sprite    Dam: Tawna Fuchsia

At last we have a blue roan and white skewbald - after several years with our fingers crossed waiting! Pansy hasn’t actually got much white on her body, but we love the black knees changing to white socks. Pansy was quite offish for a long time as a foal , but once she decided she liked people she became one of the friendliest and pushiest ponies we have! She has a tremendously long stride for a little pony and is developing well now she is a year old. Shown once - winning mixed M & M yearling class. Photo taken July 2016.

Tawna Freckles

Sire: Tawna Tristan    Dam: Tawna Twinkle

Sweetness personified - both in looks and character. Freckles is an absolute darling and has been an angel to prepare and show during the summer of  2016. She has done extremely well in the show ring including Junior and overall Miniature Championships, and one Reserve Supreme which has all been a great thrill considering her tender age. Freckles is not a heavily built filly, but she moves freely and has that  special ‘look at me’ factor.  Photo taken Aug 2016.

Tawna Topsy Turvy

Sire: Tawna Rubus    Dam: Tawna Razzle Dazzle

Topsy was sold as a foal and spent two and a half happy years with a super family where she received masses of love and attention. She demonstrated her versatility there by winning many prizes including Reserve Junior Champion at County level, and patiently accompanied young children in Young Handler classes, also visiting the school fair. As we subsequently tragically lost Razzle Dazzle, we were pleased this summer to be given the opportunity to buy Topsy back to join her full sisters - Dolly Dimple and Daisy May. Thank you Gemma for looking after her so well  . . . and Welcome home Topsy! Photo taken Aug 2016.

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