YOUNGSTOCK FOALS MARES STALLIONS Youngstock - Three-Year-Olds (born 2017) Youngstock - Yearlings (born 2019)

Tawna Rosetta

Sire: Tawna Tristan    Dam: Tawna Rosella

Etta was beautiful from Day One -  a lovely square, chunky foal with a gorgeous head and great big expressive eyes. She has the stature and carriage of her sire, and the colouring of her dam. Tristan is now at the renowned South Park (Fairy) stud, so we are pleased that this lovely filly carries on his bloodlines in the Tawna stud.

Etta went through a very gawky yearling stage, and is now filling out her frame nicely. Photo taken Nov 2018.

Rosetta Nov 2018.jpg

Tawna Celia

Sire: Goodworth Bertie    Dam: Tawna Celeste

This dun filly was Celeste’s first foal, and sired by the buckskin Goodworth Bertie who we were privileged to have on lease for a few of our mares. Bertie has top Kerswell bloodlines and throws stock with his tiny head and excellent bone.

As a foal Celia took a long time to tame down, but is now often at the front of the queue for treats. Like her mother, she is a slow developer but has correct conformation and we look forward to seeing her mature....in her own time! Photo taken Nov 2018.

Celia Nov 2018.jpg

Tawna Champagne Charlie

Sire: Goodworth Bertie    Dam: Tawna Marina

Another of Bertie’s offspring, and our first ever of this colour. Registered as palomino, he is actually very pale. I often call him “ghost boy” because he looks quite ethereal on murky winter days . . . if he’s clean! A young neighbour calls him Parsnip because of his colouring!

This lovely colt is as angelic in manner as he is in looks to handle, but is quite capable of standing his ground with the older boys!! To date he has been to four shows, achieving ring champion, overall reserve junior champion, and reserve mini champ. We are very excited to see this boy develop and hope to get him licensed in 2020. Photo taken Aug 2019.

Charlie Aug 2019.jpg

Tawna Betsy Blue

Sire: Kerswell Sprite    Dam: Tawna Daisy May

Betsy has been on showing loan for the summer to a friend who achieved a very credible record with her, including second prize at two County shows, and also a couple of firsts - despite being, shall we say, ‘rather spirited’ in the ring!

We’re delighted that this pretty little girl did so well, and hope to continue her show career in the future . . . although keeping her slim enough might be a problem! Photo taken Nov 2019.

Betsy Nov 2019.jpg

Tawna Stella

Sire: Tawna Tristan   Dam: Tawna Celeste

This pale chestnut filly is extremely pretty with gorgeous blond eyelashes and a sweet little head. With Tristan as her sire, we would have expected her to be bigger, however she is staying quite petite, but is very nicely put together. As a foal she was always stand-offish, and it has taken her a full twelve months to now be one of the first one to come to me. She has only been shown twice as a yearling, but proudly achieved 1st and Reserve Miniature Champion on one of those occasions. Photo taken Aug 2019.

Stella Aug 2019 1.jpg

Tawna Flash Harry

Sire: Tawna Rubus    Dam: Tawna Marina

Marina surprised us with this - our second mushroom foal - again by Rubus. He was born very close to Prince Harry’s wedding day, so his name is a little acknowledgement of that event.

Harry has minimal white markings, but his socks plus the white ‘flash’ on his rear end are most attractive. He’s a well made colt with lovely free movement, a super mane and tail, and we feel he has the makings to be a good little stallion….we will certainly run him on and see how he shapes up. To mature about 30”-30.5”.  Photo taken Dec 2019.

Harry Dec 2019.jpg

Youngstock - Two-Year-Olds (born 2018)

Tawna Sherry

Sire: Kerswell Sprite    Dam: Tawna Tia Maria

Born 04/04/19. Such a bright, cheeky little girl - you can see it in her expression. Sherry is a really classy filly from one of our best mares. She already has a tremendous mane and tail, and possesses all the best attributes we value in our ponies.

Shown only twice in 2019, she gained 1st on both occasions + overall Res Champ Foal at the SW Group’s Autumn show. Photo taken March 2020.

Sherry March 2020.jpg

Tawna Alice

Sire: Tawna Rubus   Dam: Tawna Agnes

Born 20/04/19. What a cracking filly from two of our favourite parents! Alice is a full sister to the previous year’s Angus: the Rubus/Agnes pairing has proved to be a winner.

Besides being so beautiful, Alice has inherited both her parents’ gentle, kind dispositions. Shown only once at last Autumn’s Native Pony Association show, she won the Shetland class and then took the all breeds Foal Championship. Photo taken March 2020.

Alice March 2020.jpg