Tawna Betsy Blue

Sire: Kerswell Sprite    Dam: Tawna Daisy May

As a yearling our beautiful Betsy was on showing loan for the summer to a friend who achieved a very credible record with her, including second prize at two County shows, and also a couple of firsts - despite being, shall we say, ‘rather spirited’ in the ring!

It’s hard to tell from the photo that she’s only two, and not a mature brood mare. Like her mother, she is definitely ‘an easy keeper’ and it is going to be quite a task to keep the weight off this lovely girl. Photo taken Oct 2020.

Betsy Oct 2020.jpg

Tawna Stella

Sire: Tawna Tristan   Dam: Tawna Celeste

This chestnut filly is extremely pretty with gorgeous blond eyelashes. With Tristan as her sire, we would have expected her to be bigger, however she is staying quite petite, but is strong and nicely put together.

As a foal she was always stand-offish, and it took her a full twelve months to become brave enough to voluntarily come up to me. She has only been shown twice as a yearling, but proudly achieved 1st and Reserve Miniature Champion. Photo taken Jan 2022

stella january 2022.jpg

Tawna Flash Harry ll

Sire: Tawna Rubus    Dam: Tawna Marina

Marina surprised us with this - our second mushroom foal - again by Rubus. Has been tested Mu/Mu for mushroom gene. He was born very close to Prince Harry’s wedding day, so his name is a little acknowledgement of that event.

VVE’d and licensed June 2021, Harry measured in at 30.5”. He has minimal white markings, but his socks plus the white ‘flash’ on his rear end are most attractive and he has lovely free movement. It will be exciting to see his progeny in the future. Arrangements have been made for him to be on lease for the next few years.  Photos taken June 2021

Harry vve day 1.jpg

Youngstock - Two-Year-Olds (born 2019)

Tawna Sherry

Sire: Kerswell Sprite    Dam: Tawna Tia Maria

Born 04/04/19. Such a bright, cheeky little girl - you can see it in her expression. She is usually one of the first to rush up to me in the field, and she loves ‘helping’ with whatever I’m doing. Sherry is a really classy filly from one of our best mares.  

Shown only twice in 2019, she gained 1st on both occasions + overall Res Champ Foal at the SW Group’s Autumn show. Photo taken Oct 2020.

Sherry Oct 2020.jpg

Tawna Alice

Sire: Tawna Rubus   Dam: Tawna Agnes

Born 20/04/19. What a cracking filly from two of our favourite parents! Alice is a full sister to the previous year’s Angus and 2020’s Ambrose: the Rubus/Agnes pairing has proved to be a winner.

Besides being so beautiful, Alice has inherited a gentle, kind disposition from both her parents. She is the sweetest girl, inside and out.

She has been tested as Mu/N - mushroom carrier.

As a foal, Alice won the Shetland class and then took the All Breeds Foal Championship at the Native Pony Association’s 2019 youngstock show. No shows as a yearling due to the pandemic, but she has excelled as a two year old with firsts at all four shows entered, inc 2 x Junior Championships, one of which was the SPSBS Breed show, where she was also Reserve Miniature Champion.   

Photos taken August 2021.

breed show alice offside.JPG Youngstock - Three-Year-Olds (born 2018) Harry vve day 2.jpg

Youngstock - Yearlings (born 2020)

Tawna Orion

Sire: Tawna Rubus   Dam: Tawna Celeste

Born 26/04/20.  Rion is an attractive colt whose quality and presence was eye-catching from day one.  We have been looking forward to getting him out in the show ring where those white socks should accentuate his flashy movement. To date he has won 2 x first and 2 x thirds, and was also Reserve Junior Champion at the Devon County Show 2021.

He is a sweet natured little boy, always a pleasure to handle - light and responsive. Tested as Mu/N - mushroom carrier. Photo taken June 2021.

orion 27JUN2021.jpg

Tawna Daphne

Sire: Tawna Rubus   Dam: Tawna Fuchsia

Born 01/04/20.  Daphne is a full sister to Rowan and Bracken (in the previous two years) and like them, she is a well-put-together pony. She has great substance and is extremely mature. That pale-coloured mane is incredibly thick - will be difficult to tame it for any shows. She has the most docile nature, and has earned the name ‘Dozey Daphne’ because she is so laid back!

Photo taken Nov 2021 at her first show.

Daphne Nov 2021.jpg _MBR7376.JPG Alice and Breed show winnings.jpg