For further details of any ponies for sale please contact:

Audrey Runnalls Tel: 01208 821213 Email: arunnalls@btinternet.com  or

Fiona Hammond Tel: 01208 821 709 Email: aphammond@btinternet.com

SUITABILITY: We are more than happy to guide and advise anyone who wishes to buy our ponies. It is very important to us that our animals are well suited to their new homes, have equine company, and are cared for properly.

FOALS: Foals can be booked with a non-returnable deposit, and will be available after weaning in the autumn. Before they go to new homes, all our foals will be happily eating hard food before being weaned, halter-broken / well handled, wormed and foot trimmed, and will be familiar with loading in the lorry. They will of course be registered with the Shetland Pony Stud-Book Society, micro-chipped and passported.

COLT FOALS: We recommend that unless a colt foal is intended for breeding purposes, he is castrated here before weaning. At this age, they are caused the least stress, and once gelded they will have a more settled and far better quality of life. Our vets' charges are very reasonable and we can arrange to have this done, at cost, for the purchaser.

DISTANCE BUYING: Due to our location in the far south west of the UK, buyers are not often able to travel to view our ponies. However we can provide a DVD of any particular pony if required - giving a good indication of conformation, movement…and even personality.

TRANSPORT: We are able to recommend a number of tried and trusted professional equine transporters if required, and for delivery abroad they will take care of all the required paperwork. Wherever possible we will try to co-ordinate travel arrangements of our ponies for different purchasers to save on transport costs.

Tawna Angelica

Filly born: 14/05/2012

Sire: Tawna Rubus

Dam: Tawna Saffron

Colour:  Chestnut, white socks, white ticking on rump.

SOLD….. FULL SISTER TO S.P.S-B.S. BREED SHOW MINIATURE CHAMPION 2015 - TAWNA BASIL. Angel, aka "Jelly" or “Jelly-tot” is a fabulous, mature, show-quality filly. She is well put together, solid and square, with a leg in each corner. She is only 31”, but has an extraordinarily long stride for a small pony. Both her parents are show champions, and we are only offering her because she is too small for this stud.

Angel is extremely friendly, obedient and sweet natured, and loves being with people - a biddable little girl who would be great for a child handler. Shown seven times in 2014, winning 4 x 1st, 1 x 2nd & 1 x 3rd, 1 x Junior Champ & 2 x Res Jun Champ. These wins included first at all three South West Shetland Group Shows and at the Royal Cornwall Show. Photos taken July and May 2015. 

Tawna Golden Shred

Colt born: 02/04/2015

Sire: Kerswell Nutcracker

Dam: Tawna Clementine

Colour:  Chestnut

SOLD Nicknamed ‘Shreddy the Teddy’ - the name says it all…you just want to hug him! A well-made, solid little chap - always stands square and correct, with a super top-line and loads of presence. To mature about 32”. Shreddy is a really cracking, quality pony with excellent show/stallion potential. He’s very handsome …and doesn’t he know it!

A friendly, confident boy, he marches right across the field to greet us. He is a full brother to last year’s prize-winning Clarius who we have retained. Shreddy is going to be a lovely pale shade of chestnut with a faint star. Photos taken April, July and October.

Tawna Kismet

Colt born: 16/04/2015

Sire: Kerswell Sprite

Dam: Tawna Charisma

Colour:  Bay and white skewbald

SOLD Such class! This is a very smart colt with a good long stride, the most exquisite small head and lots of presence . . . a really eye-catching, quality boy with show/stallion potential. To mature approx 31”. NB This colt is too good to be gelded - if not sold as a potential stallion, we will run him on ourselves.

Charisma is from our best line of show ponies, is a full sister to the highly successful Tawna Viceroy, and she is the dam of last year’s ‘mushroom’ colt - Poldark.

This sweet little boy is by a different sire - the blue roan Kerswell Sprite. Kismet is a striking colour combo of rich dark bay and white. Photos taken early August and October.

Tawna Ragamuffin

Colt born: 20/04/2015

Sire: Tawna Tristan

Dam: Tawna Rosella

Colour:  Chestnut and white skewbald

SOLD They don’t come much more cuddlesome than this little boy! This evenly marked colt has the prettiest head and huge, kind eyes. He is a very attractive pony, and a good prospect for broken-colour classes. He has a lovely calm disposition like his mum, and is very friendly. Expected to mature about 32”.

Muffin is the third foal from our ‘pink pony’, Rosella. As a yearling Ella won 7 x 1st and 1 x 2nd from eight show outings, and won the national in-hand show points scheme for her age group.

Tristan has produced champions both here and abroad. Photos taken Aug 2015. 

Tawna Blue Moon

Filly born: 27/04/2015

Sire: Kerswell Sprite

Dam: Tawna Daisy May

Colour:  Blue roan with three white socks

SOLD This little treasure is the first foal from our lovely, solidly-built young mare - Daisy May, who is by the multi champion Tawna Rubus. Moon has the biggest personality and is extremely friendly, loves attention and is full of confidence . . . she has inherited her mother’s level-headed nature.

Moon is pure quality, with a beautiful little head, loads of presence and a correct, compact frame. Expected to mature no more than 31”, quite possibly less. As can be seen in the photos, she has now fully turned roan - after starting life black. This filly is a little stunner and should go to a breeding / showing home. Photos taken early August and October. 

Tawna Serena

Filly born: 09/05/2015

Sire: Kerswell Nutcracker

Dam: Tawna Scarlet

Colour:  Bay and white skewbald

SOLD What a pretty and sweet natured girl! Serena has a beautiful, small head and always has a lovely bright expression. She is likely to mature about 32”, although her 2 year old full sister is under 30”.

Serena is attractively marked. She has an incomplete belly band . . . ran out of white paint on the right hand side! . . . and a very smart black and white tail. She has a long mane for a youngster - could be really long like Scarlet’s when she grows up. She is a very friendly foal - coming from across the field for some fuss and attention. In the photos she is still a bit ‘moth-eaten’ - hasn’t quite cast her foal coat, but her final coat colour can be seen now. Photos taken early August.

Tawna Bea’s Knees

Stallion born 10/04/2005

Sire: Kerswell Musketeer

Dam: Tawna Bizzie-Bea

Colour:  Chestnut with white socks

NB This stallion is advertised on behalf of Jane Gillingham of the Mignon Stud in North Devon. Please contact Jane direct: E: jane.mignon@virgin.net   or   T: 01409 261 511 for further details.

SOLD Licensed Stallion -32.25"

Sire: Kerswell Musketeer 31.75", brown/socks/white in tail   

Dam: Tawna Bizzie-Bea 32", chestnut & white skewbald

 Bea's Knees is a very attractive little stallion with good conformation, free movement and a beautiful head.

He has a lovely gentle nature and is good and kind with his mares and their foals. We have bred several super prize-winning foals from him, all with plenty of bone and substance, lovely heads, and good temperaments. He has been regularly wormed, trimmed and vaccinated.

Knees is a true gentleman and easy to handle in every way. He has been a real pleasure to own, I shall miss him terribly, so this is a very sad and reluctant sale. Photos taken 2008 and 2014.

Kerswell Nutcracker

Stallion  11/04/2001

Sire: Vorden Picea

Dam: Nutmeg of Glebefarm

Colour:  Dun and white skewbald

SOLD Licensed stallion AM1691/S03-060. Height: 32.5”

We have used this super stallion since 2005 and he has produced over 50 foals for us. His quality offspring have proved themselves many times in the show ring with wins and championships. On the home page of this website, the photo with five ponies at a show are all Nutty’s offspring - three of them being youngsters. His progeny have wonderful top-lines with nicely set heads, large, kind eyes and a lot of presence. We have retained several of his daughters, and a lovely colt/potential stallion (see Young page).

Now we find that we do not have enough unrelated mares to warrant keeping Nutty - he deserves to be put to greater use - so we are very regretfully offering him for sale. He is sound, healthy, fertile and easy to catch and handle. He runs with his mares and foals in the summer and the other stallions in the winter.

Ponies Sold in 2015

Tawna Sage


Stallion born 23/04/2010

Sire: Kirkstall Achilles

Dam: Tawna Saffron

Colour:  Skewbald

SOLD Licensed Stallion -32.5"

Sire: Kirkstall Achilles 32.5” bay and white skewbald (see stallions - reference page)

Dam: Tawna Saffron 32.5" chestnut/4 white socks and ticking on rump (see mares - reference page)

Sage is a well-built young stallion with good bone, a tremendous length of rein, neat little head and plenty of mane and tail. He's a lovely kind-natured, easy-going pony with good manners and is obedient to handle in all ways. Shown twice and in the ribbons both times.

Having an excess of stallions here at Tawna, we have not used him ourselves but he has been out on lease, and has proved himself fertile and gentle with his mares. We visited his first foals (2015) which were full of quality, with lovely heads. He runs out very happily with our other boys in the winter.

Sage’s dam - Saffron (one of several top class full siblings), having tremendous movement and quality, was shown successfully as a youngster, and all her offspring have enjoyed success in the show-ring, most notable being Tawna Basil who was the 2015 S.P.S-B.S. Breed Show Miniature Champion.

Sage’s sire - Achilles is a magnificent boy, who we sold to the Gue stud in Shetland where he has really made his mark with some excellent prize-winning stock, and whilst here at Tawna, he sired some striking ponies including Tawna Graffiti (out of Saffron’s full sister) - now a stallion in Germany. Sage’s pedigree contains many highly-regarded old lines including New Park, Fairy, Kerswell, Vorden and Birling.

Our plan was always to use Sage sometime in the future ourselves, but as we are cutting back slightly on our numbers, and have a disproportionate number of stallions to mares, we would sell him, or he could be leased for one or more years. Photos taken Sept 2016.

Tawna Mojo

Filly born: 14/05/2015

Sire: Goodworth Bertie

Dam: Tawna Marina

Colour:  Chestnut

SOLD Mojo is an enchanting little girl with a friendly manner and a huge personality. She is very bright - both in colour and intelligence! She is well proportioned, and currently (April 2016) standing just under 28” high, and unlikely to exceed 30”. She has a neat little head, loads of presence, great conformation and substance - undoubtedly a future show pony. At her first show - South West Shetland Group 8th November - 3rd prize (standing below another of our foals). Looked and behaved beautifully. She has plenty of mane and tail, but unfortunately lost all her feather in the wet and mud of last winter.

Mojo’s dam, Marina is a pretty young dun and white skewbald mare by Kerswell Nutcracker and this is her first foal. Marina was very successfully shown as a youngster and was section runner-up in the 2013 National In-Hand Show Awards league.

Mojo is by an ‘outside’ stallion - Goodworth Bertie, a splendid little chap who was bred by S.P.S-B.S. panel judge, the late Graham Jackson. Bertie is a very attractive 31.5” dun with black points by Kerswell Firecracker and out of Athelney Caramel, so carries the best of bloodlines.

Mojo is good to catch, obedient to lead (walk, trot and stand), load in the lorry etc. She is wormed, foot-trimmed, micro-chipped, registered and passported. Photos taken April 2016 at just under 11 months old.

Tawna Gloriana

Filly born: 19/04/2016

Sire: Tawna Tristan

Dam: Tawna Gizelle

Colour:  Skewbald - chestnut turning grey, and white

SOLD Glo is an extremely attractive filly with a sweet little head and tiny ears. Her markings are fairly well balanced on each side, but her chestnut patches have turned grey like her mother, and in time these will become paler so that she will appear almost white.

This is Gizelle’s second foal - the first being a gorgeous blue roan two years ago - see ‘Foals 2014’ page. Glo is by our championship winning skewbald stallion, Tawna Tristan, who is producing excellent quality, prize-winning stock including our current show yearling - Freckles.

We wouldn’t expect this filly to exceed 32” at maturity. She was a little shy for a long time - thanks to her mother being very ‘foal proud’, but now she has Ringo and Martha in the same field to show her what to do, she has become much more confident and is happy to come to us for attention. Photos taken Aug 2016.

Tawna Roseanna

Mare born: 23/04/2012

Sire: Kerswell Nutcracker

Dam: Tawna Rosella

Colour:  Strawberry roan with star

SOLD Anna is a beautiful 31.5” four year old. She has matured into a quality, sturdy pony with a very pretty head and huge eyes. She is the first foal from our lovely Rosella who had an outstanding show record as a yearling - 7 x 1st and 1 x 2nd from eight outings. At the tender age of 3.5 months old, Anna herself excelled by winning Reserve Miniature Champion in good company on her only show outing to date.

Anna’s grand parents include Vorden Picea, Kerswell Russet (son of New Park Chieftain and Kerswell Rosa) and Tawna Rosebud (mother of our super stallion Tawna Rubus). Anna has not been with a stallion yet.

She has a kind, gentle disposition and loves being around people - a delightful friendly pony. Like Tara above, she has wintered out and has not required extra feed. Photos taken March 2016.

Tawna Morvoren

Mare born: 18/04/2009

Sire: Kerswell Nutcracker

Dam: Tawna Mermaid

Colour:  Dun

SOLD Morvoren, aka Zennor, is one of four full sisters - two of which we have retained in the stud - produced by the lovely mare, Tawna Mermaid. Of the four, Zennor is probably most like her mother in build and appearance - an upstanding, glamorous mare, with a very friendly manner. This very beautiful girl has won quite a few prizes in the show ring. Photos taken June 2016.

Tawna Scarlet

Mare born: 26/04/2006

Sire: Brandon Fiery Jack

Dam: Tawna Mabyn

Colour:  Chestnut

SOLD Scarlet has had three foals - 2 x fillies and 1 x colt - all trouble-free, but has not run with a stallion this year. We have reluctantly taken the decision to offer her for sale purely to make way for younger stock. She is healthy, sound, and has never been sick or sorry.

Without a doubt this very smart 33.5” mare is an excellent show prospect. Once that tummy fluff is gone and she is a little slimmer she’s ready to compete. She is correct, straight and free moving, has a super top-line and a phenomenal mane. She has an elegant femininity, loads of presence and we feel she is a true scaled-down version of a good standard Shetland. Only shown as a yearling, she had several wins and 2 x Reserve Championships.

Scarlet is gentle, light and responsive to handle, is easy to catch, lead, load, foot-trim etc, however she is her father’s daughter and has plenty of spirit . . . she is not a ‘dope on a rope’! Ideally we would like to see her go to someone who could produce her well for the show ring, or breed some more quality foals. She is too good a pony to be a field ornament. Photos taken June 2016.

Tawna Smartie Pants

Colt born: 28/05/2016

Sire: Tawna Tristan

Dam: Tawna Rosella

Colour:  Skewbald

SOLD  This is a handsome little colt, and he has the most pleasant personality. Both his parents are very quiet and friendly and he looks as if he has inherited their super temperaments.

Smartie has fairly even markings, with most of his white ‘dribbled’ along his backbone, and unusual white elbows! He is a very sturdy, solid colt. He has a lovely little pony head with a broad forehead and bold eyes. His gorgeous older brother (2015), Ragamuffin, can be seen in ‘sold’ section below.

He is by our championship winning stallion, Tawna Tristan, who is producing excellent quality, prize-winning stock including our current show yearling - Freckles.

His mother, Rosella (who is also the dam of Roseanna - below), was very successfully shown as a youngster - winning her section in a national show points league. With such excellent parents, we would expect Smartie to have similar great potential. Smartie’s parents can be seen on stallions- current, and mares - current pages of this website. Smartie has had a name change - formerly known as Ringo - and his new name suits him well!Photos taken Aug 2016.

Tawna Martha

Filly born: 26/04/2016

Sire: Kerswell Sprite

Dam: Tawna Marina

Colour:  Black

SOLD Martha is definitely one for the show ring. She is neat and beautifully put-together, and like all Sprite’s foals, full of quality, very well proportioned with super limbs and a delightful head. This filly has genuine show potential and we would love her to go to an experienced home where she will get the chance to compete.  Expected height at maturity - 31”-32”.

Martha is still hanging on to a lot of her foal coat, but we can see a lovely black pony emerging from under all the fluff! She is friendly, gentle and confident, with a charming personality.

Martha’s mother is a pretty young dun and white skewbald by Kerswell Nutcracker, so Martha has Vorden Picea on both sides of her pedigree. Marina won several junior championships during the only season that we showed her, and was section runner up in a national show points league in 2013.

Photos taken Aug 2016.

Tawna Coriander

Mare born: 27/04/2009

Sire: Kirkstall Achilles

Dam: Tawna Saffron

Colour:  Tri-colour

SOLD Corry is one of the prettiest ponies we have ever bred. She has beautiful ‘Bambi’ eyes, most attractive colour and markings, and always has her ears pricked with a pleasant expression. She has a refined, feminine charm, yet has good bone for a mare. Height 32.5”.

Corry’s dam Saffron comes from our most successful line of show ponies, and one of Saffron’s sons was Miniature Champion at the 2015 SPSBS Breed Show. We have only very lightly shown Corry, but amongst other prizes she has achieved a County show first prize as a yearling, and a Reserve Championship as a five year old.

Her pedigree contains many highly regarded old bloodlines - her great grandsires being New Park McDuff, Fairy Flavian, Vorden Picea, and Birling Induna. Corry has not had a foal and has not run with a stallion this year. She is gentle, kind and obedient and has never kicked or bitten. Photos taken October 2016.

Ponies Sold in 2016

Tawna Tarantella

Mare born: 13/05/2010

Sire: Kirkstall Achilles

Dam: Tawna Tango

Colour:  Tricolour (Bay and white skewbald)

Reg no AX2241

 This mare belongs to Jane Gillingham of the Mignon Stud. Please enquire directly to Jane.


A really beautiful little mare,  age 7,  with eye-catching colour and markings.  She is very well put-together with good bone and an exquisite head.

She has free  straight movement, and uses her knees and hocks well.  

She is well bred,  her great grand-sires being New Park McDuff,  Fairy Flavian, Vorden Picea and Tawna Sherbert which makes her a very worthy breeding prospect.  Equally she would do well in the show-ring as she has masses of presence which she has inherited from her handsome sire who is now resident in Shetland.  His son won supreme champion at the British Foal Championship 2016.

Tara was not covered by a stallion in 2016.

This is a very reluctant sale due to unforeseen circumstances, together with a loss of grazing.

  Photos taken end of July 2016.