Keeping it natural

Our ponies run in fairly large groups which produces a herd hierarchy, and they live outdoors as nature intended. They have shelter from trees and hedges and generally are only stabled overnight at foaling time, as weaned foals, or prior to a show.

Pedigrees are highly important to us and our ponies are all line-bred to three famous miniature bloodlines, predominantly the old South Park (Fairy) lines, and to the two outstanding stallions - Fandango of Wetherden and Ron of North Wells. The only ponies introduced into the stud are carefully selected stallions which continue the integrity of this policy.

Audrey soon became smitten with the Shetland breed and before long introduced the registered mare Longmead Chocolate Bun (35") who was in-foal to Avening Coffee Cream. The resulting filly, Tawna Crumpet was born in 1960 which led to the formation of the Stud . . . and explains why so many of the early ponies have had food-related names! Initially the stud consisted of mostly standards of about 38”, but later the undoubted charm of the smaller ponies took over.

Today the stud consists of 30 - 40 ponies. We are proud that every mare is home bred, and each one can be directly linked back to our first pedigree ponies all those decades ago. As females have NOT been bought in to bulk up numbers, the development of the stud has been VERY slow . . . but all the more satisfying as the generations have gradually built up. We have a close connection with every member of our pony family and enjoy their individual characters.

Each year we retain a few foals to potentially bring into the breeding herd, and offer the others for sale to keep numbers manageable. We are always sad to see them leave us, but are so pleased when they go to good, appreciative homes where they can realise their potential. We always welcome enquiries from home or abroad. . . and love showing visitors around the stud!